C.J. Yeh’s Satirical Work Featured by Taiwan Contemporary Art Archives

C.J. Yeh, assistant chair of Illustration and Interactive Media, has been named Featured Artist of the Week by Taiwan Contemporary Art Archives, a database established by the Association of the Visual Art in Taiwan.

Screenshot of a figure facing a screen with thumbs-up symbols

Yeh’s featured work, an installation titled “LikeMe777,” is a satire on the narcissistic practice of using social networks for the purpose of self-promotion. This interactive software program tracks and “likes” every movement the viewer makes within the view of the camera. Once a random “magic number” of likes has been accumulated, a kitschy visual celebration explodes onto the screen commemorating this achievement and showering the viewer with blatant, artificial praise. This visual love-fest concludes with a shameless self-promotion of the artist’s own Facebook page (facebook.com/cyeh777), urging the viewers to return the favor and become his fan on the platform.

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