ByondXR Partners with FIT to Launch The Business of Virtual Merchandising

A new course focuses on sustainability and technological advancements in fashion as the industry moves further toward the Metaverse.

ByondXR logoByondXR, a market leader in immersive, virtual retail experiences, has announced that it is bringing its software to the classroom through an exclusive course created for FIT. The course, titled The Business of Virtual Merchandising (FM304), utilizes the same ByondXR software that is altering the landscape of fashion by changing the way wholesalers and retailers are leveraging technology to shift their businesses to digital platforms. Students will develop skills to use the software, gain insight into the world of virtual environments, and understand how technology is paving the way for sustainability and innovation in the fashion Industry.

The course is being offered for the first time this semester as a part of the Fashion Business Management department in the college’s Jay and Patty Baker School of Business and Technology.

The Business of Virtual Merchandising will present students with an interactive and immersive experience, offering students an in-depth look at e-commerce and an opportunity to apply their knowledge to a virtual setting. As e-commerce continues to boom, students will learn firsthand how ByondXR’s software bridges the gap between digital and physical spaces, reduces costs for buyers and wholesalers by eliminating the need for international travel, and shortens the time to market through offering on-demand placement orders. FIT’s commitment to combining traditional learning techniques with technology-driven tools directly aligns with ByondXR’s vision of the future of fashion. Students will gain industry knowledge in the digital fashion sphere, the tools and techniques required to excel, as well as a competitive edge when venturing into new careers, having understood the extensive possibilities in the world of digital fashion.

FIT holds sustainability as a core principle in its commitment to the future, and with the digitization of fashion, waste in the industry has proven to be significantly reduced.

“Today’s student is extremely motivated and excited for the possibilities that the future of the industry will bring,” said Robin Sackin, chair, Fashion Business Management. “They understand that currently there are challenges due to the pandemic but they are enthusiastic about exploring new opportunities and careers in this ever-evolving industry. As we all look ahead to a post-pandemic world it is important to realize that the opportunities that were available for a graduate 10 years ago are comparably different to those available today.”

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