FIT in the News – January 7, 2022

The Division of Communications and External Relations is pleased to share FIT in the News, which reports selected highlights of news stories about the college and/or that quote the college’s experts. These stories will be accessible for at least seven days by clicking on the links below.

Technology in Fashion Schools
Amy Sperber, assistant professor, Fashion Design, on new technologies being taught at fashion schools, such as 3D design: “There are a lot of job opportunities for [students] in that space. There’s product development with the tool. It’s a great tool for sampling. It’s a great tool for the production line. We’re also getting requests for students to work with people that are utilizing the 3D outputs in totally different ways.”

Pandemic Murals
Northwell Health LIJ Forest Hills unveiled two murals, which pay tribute to those lost during the pandemic, which were created by two FIT Illustration MFA students. The murals are located in a site-specific outdoor staff rest area at the hospital that will serve as a memorial garden to honor those lost.

Office Dressing
Valerie Steele, director, The Museum at FIT (MFIT), gave historical background on dressing for the office: “When those first American women went into offices in the middle of the 19th century wearing their versions of a tailored suit, that was kind of a revolutionary statement because they were adopting the uniform of male power and authority.”

The Museum at FIT (MFIT)

Reinvention and Restlessness: Fashion in the Nineties

Head to Toe (Italy)

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