Cynda Media Lab Launches Remote Learning Hub

Cynda Media Lab, an award-winning design studio led by C.J. Yeh and Christie Shin, both of Communication Design Pathways, has released a remote-learning module, making it available for any educator to license.

The lab’s Remote Learning Hub is an integrated teaching and learning platform that supports collaborative remote experiential learning. Key features of the Hub include modular and collaborative curriculum developments, gamified learning experiences, and a virtual campus that uses proximity video conferencing technology to create fluid interactions between participants—similar to what they would experience in the physical world. The initial prototype was launched in 2021.

Cynda Media has received several awards, including a UCDA award in web-based platform design.

The Hub’s release has been licensed to MIT and is being used for the 2022 MITANDFIT Advanced Fibers and Fabrics Workshop.

Cynda Media Lab’s goal is to reinvent teaching and learning technology for a new generation of learners.

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