FIT in the News – June 29, 2022

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FIT’s Social Justice Center (SJC)
The pledge of $1 million by Tapestry Inc. as a founding partner of the SJC was reported in an article on the current state of diversity in the fashion industry. In late 2021, FIT launched an unprecedented initiative to transform the lives and careers of people of color in the creative industries. Through a multifaceted, comprehensive approach, the Social Justice Center at FIT (SJC) is designed to increase opportunity and accelerate social equity for those whom the industry might otherwise leave behind.


CFMM Beauty Think Tank
Beauty’s Reformation and Renaissance, a two-part global study conducted by FIT’s Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing and Management Class of 2022, examined the paradigm shift within the beauty industry since the pandemic, with the need to adapt to both consumer and employee expectations.

The Class of 2022 delved into research on two critical topics: (1) how beauty organizations can reform internal behaviors to unlock their full potential, execute more dynamic strategies, and thrive in the “new age” of the industry; and (2) how emotional tensions and technological advancements have converged to catalyze the rebirth and realignment of the beauty consumer. Together, the cohort completed an in-depth analysis including quantitative and qualitative research inclusive of over 900 respondents, global field work, and interviews with top beauty executives and market experts across the globe.

Fashion Design MFA Showcase 2022: UNBOUND
The graduating class of the MFA Fashion Design program presented their final pieces in a runway show on June 8.


The Future of Fashion
On Wednesday, May 11, FIT held the Future of Fashion, Presented by Macy’s. Following two years of digital presentations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the show was held outdoors on the campus Breezeway for the first time. Featuring nearly 100 looks created by a select group of 2022 graduates of FIT’s Fashion Design BFA program, this year’s themes included sustainability, gender neutrality, heritage appreciation, accessibility, and mental health awareness.

Return of ‘90s Mall Brands
Laticha Brown, chair, Fashion Business Management, on the returning popularity of vintage mall fashions from the 1990s as opposed to “fast fashion:” “Even if it isn’t the other brand’s quality, it might have stayed the same—but they had a higher price point, whereas H&M or Zara came in with a lower price point. The quality wasn’t the same. But then you get disposable fashion, where some people didn’t care, they just said, ‘I can get this fashion item. It looks like what is coming down the runway and I can get it at a better price.’”

Fast Fashion Trends
Shawn Grain Carter, associate professor, Fashion Business Management, spoke about how fast fashion trends are heavily influenced by social media and less by individual designers: “You have too many fashion companies, both on the retail side and the manufacturing side, being driven by empty suits.”

Fashion Brand Collaborations
J. P. Kuehlwein, adjunct, Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing, on fashion brand collaborations:  “Iconic brands should be like themselves, but that’s not to say they should be boring. They need to be reinterpreted, reimagined and kept fresh—but, ultimately, there must be a DNA that is uniquely theirs and that people desire. That is the myth of the brand—the ultimate authenticity.”

Elle Canada

“Granny” Panties
Colleen Hill, curator, Costume and Accessories, The Museum at FIT, on granny panties. “Sexiness today is about being comfortable and confident in your own skin. Over the past decade, we’ve witnessed an interest in lingerie styles that promote body positivity and ease of wear over traditionally sexy or risque styles. There is also a sexiness in not taking yourself too seriously.”

The Museum at FIT (MFIT)

Dior + Balenciaga: The Kings of Couture and Their Legacies

Shoes: Anatomy, Identity, Magic

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