Students Create Hip Hop Block Party in A&D Gallery

Step into hip hop. Literally.

In their first three-dimensional exhibition, students from Interior Design, Illustration, Graphic Design, and Spatial Experience Design have joined forces to create a Hip Hop block party in the exhibition space of the Art & Design Gallery in the lobby of the Pomerantz Center. The result is called FIT Fabulous: A Modern Investigation of Hip Hop, a counterpoint exhibition to The Museum at FIT’s Fresh, Fly and Fabulous: Fifty Years of Hip Hop Style across the street.

Works include graffiti-themed murals by Illustration students, hip hop-inspired furniture by Interior Design students, and a DJ booth for sampling hip hop music created by a team from Spatial Experience Design. From two lounge chairs in the shape of headphones to a rug-covered lamp post and a lounge chair made of Pepsi bottles, graffiti-themed murals by Illustration students, and a DJ booth for sampling hip hop music created by a team from Spatial Experience Design, there’s something for everyone. Also on display is a typeface created by Graphic Design students developed after exploring iconic spots in New York City where hip hop got its start.

Curatorial advisors to the exhibition are professors Eric Daniels (Interior Design), Dan Shefelman (Illustration and Interactive Media), Craig Berger (Spatial Experience Design), and Joshua Whitehead (Graphic Design).

According to Daniels, the exhibition is a modern interpretation of hip hop that takes a broad perspective. “All these students were born in 2000 and after … I didn’t want to restrict them,” he said.

Bruna Da Silva, Interior Design ’23, who created the Headphone Chair, said the chair is “a play on past and present development of headphones and how hip hop has reached the ears of many throughout the years. The piece was essentially created with the modern Bluetooth headphone in mind such as Beats by Dre, but its main inspiration comes from the growth of music and Bluetooth capabilities since its beginning renditions of the classic Walkman.”

“The exhibition brought together many students from different majors and showcased how hip hop can be interpreted and integrated in different ways,” said Jordan Rush, Graphic Design ‘23. “This experience allowed us to make our vision come to life and was a great way to learn how to work with multi-disciplinary teams.”

Together, the Graphic Design team created a banner display and decorated the facade utilizing abstract typography. The typeface is directly inspired by New York City graffiti and the spontaneous nature of creating. According to Rush, the team also created a vinyl installation for the glass facade of the building. Additionally, anyone who received an invitation will see the team’s work, as well. “Our pieces are a fresh, modern, and elegant take on hip hop,” she said.

FIT Fabulous is open through March 12. Find out more on the Art & Design Gallery website at



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