Get Excited About #TYPE

While type is everywhere in our lives and we interact with it every day, it’s not every day that we get excited about it. #TYPE, the inaugural exhibition of FIT’s new Creative Technology minor, aims to change that. On view through February 6 at Gallery FIT, #TYPE showcases the work of students from several classes within the minor, each taking on a different aspect of type, including print and digital.

#TYPE showcases the best typographic design projects from the Creative Technology courses, including Introduction to Kinetic Typography, Immersive-Publication Design, Digital Layout Design, Design for Screen-Based Media, and Intro to User Experience Design. Examples of professional projects are on view alongside student works to demonstrate the link between the coursework and current industry practices.

“Often people look at typography as an isolated field of study and don’t realize it’s part of every aspect of design,” said C.J. Yeh, professor and assistant chair of Communication Design and coordinator of the Creative Technology minor.

“It improves our lives by improving communication,” added Christie Shin, assistant professor of Communication Design and assistant coordinator of the minor. “By using different type treatments, you can better understand how to navigate, how to react to information.”

Despite the shift in media from print to online and digital publishing, typography remains the soul of visual communication design, and the art of designing and using type as a means of communication can still elevate or destroy design aesthetics and functionality. In addition, the options in typographic design have expanded tremendously as a result of the transition to screen-based media, and the rules and principles of typography have changed in the world of digital design.

Yeh chose typography as the first exhibition for the Creative Technology minor because of its flexibility and how it empowers students. Typography is a key component of the new Creative Technology minor, which currently has declared students from across a wide variety of majors.

“I want people to walk away excited about new design possibilities,” Yeh said. “I want to demonstrate that learning technology and design are not two separate things, but rather they must come together. Creative Technology is designed to bring concept and design together for all these students.”

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