Arthur Kopelman Leads Local Whale-Watching Excursions

Photo by Arthur Kopelman via

For more than 30 years, Distinguished Service Professor Arthur Kopelman has led near-shore and offshore whale observation trips as president of the Coastal Research and Education Society of Long Island or CRESLI, a group founded by experts in marine mammal science, environmental sciences, education, and conservation.

Educating the public about the coastal ecosystem and encouraging its active stewardship is the purpose of these trips, which Kopelman will host this summer on Sundays from July 2 through September 3. On these trips, not only do attendees look for whales, they can spot and photograph dolphins, pelagic birds, sea turtles, sharks, and learn about the coastal environment in general. CRESLI also hosts seal walks from December through May on which they monitor seal populations around Long Island. While on these public cruises and walks, the members of CRESLI are also collecting data for their research and educational outreach. The boats are operated by Viking Fleet, a fishing trip and ferry service out of Montauk.

If you’re interested in taking a trip with CRESLI this summer, whale watching reservations can be made through Viking Fleet’s website at Part of the cost of the trip supports CRESLI.

For more information, contact Arthur Kopelman, 212 217.3030.

Photo by Arthur Kopelman via

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