Peter Wai Chan Participates in Fashion Panel at MoMA

pencil wearing a skirt
Pencil skirt interpreted for Items: Is Fashion Modern? by Bobby Doherty. Copyright Bobby Doherty. Via

Peter Wai Chan, Production Management, participated in a daylong event titled “Fashion Is Kale” on October 19 at the Museum of Modern Art. The event, held in conjunction with the museum’s exhibition Items: Is Fashion Modern?, featured presenters from a diverse range of perspectives whose often-hidden roles are critical in shaping the contemporary fashion industry.

The program sought to show the ways in which fashion items are designed, manufactured, marketed, distributed, worn, and discarded, by engaging with stories from fashion’s silent partners. Chan spoke during the production segment of the program, with blogger Renee Peters and curatorial assistant Michelle Millar Fisher.

Video of “Fashion Is Kale” can we seen here:

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