The Archroma Color Center Opens

Archroma, a Swiss resource for color and specialty chemicals, has partnered with FIT to open the new Archroma Color Center, the first in a college or university.

Located on the sixth Floor of the David Dubinsky Student Center, students in the Textile Development and Marketing program will now have access to color management tools for their design projects, while getting more hands-on experience that helps them to prepare for careers in the fashion and textiles industries. The center features a flip-through display that re-creates the 4,320 hues of Archroma’s color management system, Color Atlas, on one wall. Students also have access to a complete six-volume library that includes detachable fabric swatches.

Archroma, who donated the material and has had a relationship with FIT for many years, wanted to partner with students to provide them with the same tools that are currently being used by around 100 companies in the fashion and textile industry.

The Archroma Color Center was designed by FIT students working under the direction of Sean Cormier, associate professor, Textile Development and Marketing.

“We want the students to be familiar with the modern tools that they will experience when they get out into the work world,” said Chris Hipps, global director, Archroma Color Management. “Fashion designers in particular really want to have an unlimited color range to choose from.”

Over the course of two semesters, students in four classes created internal names for each of the over 4,000 colors in the collection. They now can choose from “Chocolate Taffy,” “Sunset Peach,” “Nude Paint,” “Dried Pumpkin,” “Ballet Slippers,” and “Kidd Gloves” among others.

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