Amy Lemmon’s CDC Poetry Project Receives Praise and Submissions

illustration for that looks like atomic symbol with different CDC unusable words attached to it and slash through it
Redacted, by Bri Hermanson, Illustration MFA 2011.

In December 2017, Amy Lemmon, English and Communication Studies, co-created The CDC Poetry Project with poet Sarah Freligh of Rochester, NY. This curated literary space publishes poems using the seven words that The Washington Post reported on Dec. 17 were forbidden in Centers for Disease Control and Prevention documents for 2018.

The editors have received over 400 submissions and have been publishing one poem a day, Monday through Friday, since Jan. 1. The project has received coverage in the Poetry Foundation’s Harriet blog, Poets & Writers, and The Chronicle of Higher Education’s Lingua Franca blog.

One of the early contributors was by alumna Bri Hermanson (MFA Illustration 2011), whose word art, REDACTED, appeared on the site on Jan. 5, and is being used as an identifying image for the project.

For more information, contact Lemmon, (212) 217-5342.

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