FIT’s Team Werewool Honored for “Best Presentation” in 2018 Biodesign Challenge

Team Werewool  chosen to represent FIT in the 2018 international Biodesign Challenge Summit on June 21 and 22 at the Museum of Modern Art — was honored for “Best Presentation” from among 29 schools on six continents. The team had also been one of three teams selected as finalists for the prestigious Stella McCartney x PETA Animal-Free Wool Prize. 

Werewool is exploring a concept to create a new class of textile fibers sourced from tubulin, a protein extracted from human cheek cells. The tubulin is then genetically altered to help bind the biomaterial by way of the enzyme transglutaminase and extruded it into a biodegradable fiber. Through this project, Werewool is working to create a new platform for fiber innovation.

The four Werewool team members are all pursuing either a bachelor’s or associate’s degree in Textile Development and Marketing. They are Louise Ford, BS; Valentina Gomez, AAS; Morgana Kattermann, AAS; and Chui-Lian Lee, BS.Their advisors are Sebastian Cocioba, a plant biotechnology researcher at the MIT Media Lab, and Theanne Schiros, assistant professor, Science and Math, at FIT.


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