Susanne Goetz and Theanne Schiros Exhibit at William Paterson University

Susanne Goetz, chair, Textile/Surface Design, and Theanne Schiros, associate professor, Science and Math, have been selected to take part in a group show at William Paterson University in Wayne, New Jersey. Titled “Touch Me: Feeling Fashion,” the show reflects upon how clothes make us feel and offers a nuanced exploration of the concept of touch. Curators Laura Di Summa and Casey Mathern write that Goetz and Schiros’ “groundbreaking experiments and applications have raised the profile of sustainable bio-based materials for fashion and paved the way for a new generation of designers.”

The exhibit is on display until May 3, 2024. Read more about the show here.

A multicolored short-sleeved, cropped jacket
Susanne Goetz and Theanne Schiros, Gairai Dougui, 2023, cotton, linen, wool, mycelium, plant-based natural dyes, mordant, collection of the artists.

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