Praveen Chaudhry Exhibits in Major Group Show in India

Luminous Reveries poster
The gallery poster for “Luminous Reveries”

Praveen Chaudhry, Social Sciences, was recently selected to exhibit his photographs in Luminous Reveries, a new show in Haryana, India.

Chaudhry’s work was on display in September 2019, in an exhibition titled Vanishing Community, Vanishing Cultures: The Invisible Nomads and Weavers at Centro Morelense de las Artes in Cuernavaca, Morelos, Mexico. Kyunghee Pyun, History of Art, curated the exhibition and is the official curator of the ongoing project. Chaudhry has been working with ethnographer Souzeina Mushtaq to document the issues of nomads and weavers in Kashmir and Tibet for more than a decade; the group recently started working with the Yörük community in the Taurus Mountains in Turkey. See a previous Newsroom post about this work.

Luminous Reveries, curated by Premjish Achar, was a major group exhibition at Travancore Palace held in collaboration with Gallery Dotwalk. On view Jan. 31–Feb. 9, the show was “a festival of art; a cultural celebration that transcends borders and encourages reflection and inspiration,” according to the gallery.

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