Interior Design Student Wins Prestigious Donghia Scholarship

Ahene Shin, Interior Design ’19, has won a $30,000 Senior Student Scholarship Award from the Angelo Donghia Foundation. Each year, the foundation awards this prestigious honor to a handful of high-achieving, motivated undergraduates studying interior design, based on a portfolio submission.

Shin’s submission, drawn from her second-year final project, was her design for an imagined Chelsea Market restaurant by the Roca brothers, renowned Catalan chefs. Her biophilic design, mimicking nature, created topographical variation with five different floor heights and incorporated an undulating, iridescent glass ceiling that represented the Mediterranean sky.

The Queens resident hopes to make a splash in the industry designing harmonious branded spaces for commercial clients. “I don’t only want to create beautiful designs,” she says, “but places that are accessible to everyone.”

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