Photo by Ron Amato in New Exhibition at Leslie-Lohman Museum

Ron Amato’s photograph “Tom 4” from Armor (2013) is part of a new exhibition Male Gaze: Life, Legend, Legacy at the Leslie-Lohman Museum, which is on view through March 31.

The exhibition mines the museum’s collection amassed over 50 years by its founders Charles W. Leslie andJ. Frederic “Fritz” Lohman and tells the story of their tireless advocacy for gay artists. Male Gaze brings together work inspired by classical mythology that uncovers homosexual desire throughout history, pop-culture-defining work by renowned fashion illustrators and designers imbued with unique traces of erotic art, artworks saved from destruction, art dealing with issues of HIV/AIDS, and contemporary work by artists from the Charles Leslie Drawing Studio; re-creating the experience of their loft exhibition that gave way to the creation of the Leslie-Lohman Museum.

For more information, contact Amato, (212) 217-5502.

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