Student Work Blossoms at the Macy’s Flower Show

Between now and April 7, on the main floor of Macy’s in Herald Square, you won’t just be greeted by an explosion of flora from the retailer’s annual Flower Show, you’ll also be able to see the work of FIT students. It marks the first time the college has collaborated with Macy’s on the project, which involved the work of undergraduates in Fashion Design and Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing in this year’s otherworldly exhibition, titled Journey to Paradisios.

Fashion Design students in the School of Art and Design, along with Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing (CFM) students in the Jay and Patty Baker School of Business and Technology competed to be among the seven who would have their unconventional garments displayed in a fashion “pod” at Macy’s. Using unconventional designs constructed from a paper-like iron-on interfacing called Pellon, each student took inspiration from one of the seven themes: Anti-Matter, Big Bang, Comet Couture, Interstellar Explorer, Lunar Landing, Shining Stars, and Zero Gravity.

Gerard Dellova, adjunct assistant professor, Fashion Design, served as the faculty mentor for the students. Dellova, along with other Fashion Design faculty members, and Valerie Steele, director and chief curator of The Museum at FIT, chose the winning seven from among 70 designs.

The seven pods also served as inspiration for the Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing students who chose one of the seven pods to pair with one of 25 fragrances that Macy’s retails. The students evaluated the fragrances based on the pod’s sensory feel, color, design concept, and thematic visuals. Virginia Bonofiglio, associate chair and professor, Cosmetics and Fragrance Marketing, mentored the seven CFM students.

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