Bernard Dillard Publishes First Novel

Bernard Dillard, Science and Math, has written his first novel, Two ‘Til Midnight, which will be released June 1. The novel follows protagonist  Dr. Garnet Gibbs, a strong-minded woman whose faith undergoes several tests as she interacts with those in her inner circle and beyond. Whether helping to rear her grandson in a hip-hop culture she knows nothing about, or standing firm in her fundamental beliefs while not offending her gay co-workers, or enduring others’ gazes because of her physical condition, or witnessing the sharp pangs of racism that impact those she loves, the history professor resolves to stay level-headed and not let her core be shaken. Invisible, friendly forces are assisting her on her journey, while opposing ones are withstanding her. It makes for a unique cosmic battle royale, in which wins and losses play out on both sides.

The book is available for preorder and will be on shelves June 1. A promotional video for the book is posted above.

For more information, contact Dillard, (212) 217-3023.

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