C.J. Yeh Speaks to Industry Executives on the Future of Design


programs from the conference listing the speakers' profiles, including CJ Yeh's

C.J. Yeh, Communication Design Pathways, spoke at the 2020 inaugural Digital: Reality, Art, and Media (DRAM) Conference on February 7. DRAM is an invitation-only private forum for top-level industry executives and thought leaders. Yeh gave a talk on the future of design in the age of Artificial Intelligence. This year’s delegate included representatives from some of the most innovative companies and organizations in the world such as Google, MIT, and Amazon.

For more information, contact Yeh, (212) 217-5676.

C.J. Yeh
C.J. Yeh at TEDxFultonStreet 2015. Photo by Scott Sloan.


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