FIT in the News – April 29, 2022

The Division of Communications and External Relations is pleased to share FIT in the News, which reports selected highlights of news stories about the college and/or that quote the college’s experts. These stories will be accessible for at least seven days by clicking on the links below.

FIT’s Annual Awards Gala

On April 13, FIT hosted its 2022 Annual Awards Gala fundraising event at The Shed in New York City, raising more than $1.5 million for the FIT Foundation, which helps nurture the next generation of the college’s students.  The event honored:

    • Serena Williams, 23-time Grand Slam champion and entrepreneur
    • Aerin Lauder, founder of AERIN, style and image director of Estée Lauder
    • Debra Martin Chase, television and film producer
    • Brandice Daniel, FIT alumna, founder and CEO of Harlem’s Fashion Row (two articles)
US Weekly
Daily Front Row
CBS New York

Sustainability in the Fashion Industry
For an Earth Day segment on sustainability in fashion, NBC reporter Morgan Radford visited FIT and spoke with Gerry Dellova, adjunct, Fashion Design, and one of his students about sustainable designs.


Sustainability Ambassador
In an article on sustainability in the fashion industry, Amber Valletta was mentioned as FIT’s sustainability ambassador.

NY Mag’s The Cut

History of the Hanbok
Kyunghee Pyun, associate professor, History of Art, on the hanbok, a traditional Korean garment: “‘Hanbok’ is a collective term, just as ‘kimono’ and ‘caftan’ each represent a set of clothes, not individual garments.”

The New York Times

New York’s Jewelry Industry
Kim Nelson, assistant chair, Jewelry Design, on New York City’s jewelry industry: “The presence of diamonds in New York is what created the presence of jewelers in New York,” explains Kim Nelson, the assistant chair of jewelry design at the Fashion Institute of Technology. They’ve always been inextricably connected.”

T: The New York Times Style Magazine

Shaved Heads
Valerie Steele, director and chief curator, The Museum at FIT (MFIT), on shaved heads: “Hair shaving can also be a type of discipline and uniformity for soldiers, or purity for Hindu priests, because hair is associated with sexuality. Now, a shaved head is increasingly perceived as strength and gender equality.”

Men’s Lingerie
Valerie Steele, director and chief curator, MFIT, on men’s lingerie: “Elite men’s underwear over the course of the 20th century was often made out of what we think of as women’s fabrics like silk.”

Fashion School During the Pandemic
Fashion Design students Allison Ko and Kate Bartlett on how they adapted to attending FIT during the pandemic.

Fall 2022 Collections
Valerie Steele, director and chief curator, MFIT, on the oversized looks for the Fall 2022 collections: “People are thinking about making a statement, and these clothes make a statement. It’s a way of saying ‘I AM HERE!’ ”

Town & Country

The Museum at FIT (MFIT)

Asian Americans in New York Fashion: Design, Labor, Innovation

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