Chalk FIT Celebrates 10 Years

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Founded in 2013, Chalk FIT is still going strong 10 years later. And in recognition, “Celebration” is the theme for the chalk pastel murals that wrap FIT’s Goodman and Pomerantz buildings from West 26th Street along Seventh Avenue to West 28th Street.

Students in their senior year of the Illustration program are each given a panel of the stone building in which to realize their drawing. Some students collaborated on larger panels; others are the result of individuals. They use a chalk medium donated from a local Blick store that doesn’t damage the buildings’ facades.

For this year’s theme, students were prompted to “consider the meaning of the word celebration, and what you want to celebrate in your life, your community, family and/or the world at large.”

Students began painting their works on Oct. 16 and were complete by Oct. 20. Many artists share their Instagram handles or other information above their work so you can follow them.

You learn more and/or share about your experience @ChalkFIT.

student creating mural as part of Chalk FIT


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