Professor and Alumna Donate Knits to Those in Need

Yuni Kawamura and Rhonda Navojosky at the Bowery Mission
Yuni Kawamura and Rhonda Navojosky on a recent visit to the Bowery Mission

Professor of Sociology Yuniya (Yuni) Kawamura and alumna Rhonda Navojosky have co-founded a charity project, “NY Close-Knits.” The project donates knitted and crocheted hats, scarves, blankets, and teddy bears to hospitals and other nonprofit organizations, both domestically and internationally. The items are distributed to medical patients, homeless families, American military service members overseas, and many others in need. Aside from being charitable, the endeavor is also a sustainable one—finding a new use for yarn that would otherwise be discarded.

The duo recently visited The Bowery Mission, New York City’s oldest service organization for people struggling with homelessness, to donate their crocheted hats. On a recent trip to Oxford in the UK, Kawamura visited the SSNAP (Supporting Sick Newborn and Their Parents) unit at the John Radcliffe Hospital to donate 39 knitted hats and three blankets to premature babies.

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