What Japan Can Learn About Black Hairstyles

Professor of Sociology Yuniya (Yuni) Kawamura recently contributed an article to Nikkei, Japan’s largest economic-focused daily paper.

The commentary, “Teaching/Learning Diversity and Inclusion through Black Hairstyles and Textures,” spoke about the Japanese government’s effort to incorporate multicultural education in the classroom—a timely topic in light of the growing number of immigrant families and mixed-race children in Japan.

Kawamura pointed out the lack of understanding of Black people’s hair in many cultures, as well as many instances of discrimination. She also touched on a recent New York State law banning discrimination based on hairstyles and textures associated with someone’s race. The long-overdue law, which took effect in 2019, is a significant move toward a more diverse and inclusive society, Kawamura wrote.

Her essay appeared in Nikkei’s online and print editions on April 19.


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