Yum-o! Rachael Ray Answers Students’ Plea For Food

When two FIT students living in Alumni Hall put up a “Send Food” sign made entirely of Post-Its in their dorm room window, which faces Rachael Ray’s television studio and office, they never expected to meet Ray herself. But that’s exactly what happened after their sign was spotted and Ray showed up at their door with a chef from the show and a tray of sandwiches and salad.

Rachel Ray’s Segment Featuring the Students, which aired on Wednesday, February 24.

Rachel Ray Segment featuring FIT students

Teresa Citera and Samantha Gellman, both second semester Fashion Business Management majors and avid cooks, were thrilled with the delivery, which they said was above and beyond what they could ever make (or afford) themselves. They loved meeting Ray, who invited them back to the studio with front-row seats.


“And if your parents are thinking that you’re underfed,” Ray told Citera and Gellman, “you can always come on over here and we’ll feed you.”

The sign on the students’ window has now been replaced with a new Post-It sign that reads: “Thx Rachael.”

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