FIT Named Among Best Fashion Schools in the World by Business of Fashion

BOF Best Fashion Schools in the WorldFIT has been named among The Best Fashion Schools in the World 2019 in the fourth edition of the Business of Fashion’s global fashion school assessment. BoF has removed the numerical ranking employed in previous years’ reports and this year moved to “Badges of Excellence,” which recognize a school’s strengths in four key areas: Best Overall, Best in Global Influence (a school’s global reputation and influence), Best in Learning Experience (student experience while in school), and Best in Long-Term Value (student preparedness for the real world). The top performing programs in each key index (relative to their peers) were awarded a Badge of Excellence for that category and shortlisted for inclusion in the list. All featured schools appear in alphabetical order with their corresponding Badges of Excellence.

FIT has received the following Badges of Excellence:

BoF suspended its annual assessment of fashion schools in 2018 to gather feedback from students, educators, and industry and to re-evaluate its approach to the publication. As a result, BoF split the 2019 analysis into Fashion Design, Fashion Art Direction and Communications, and Fashion Business at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. This year’s changes also reflect the establishment of a BoF Education Council, a 12-person council from fashion education and industry.

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