Diving Deeper Into Fair Trade Fashion

Shireen Musa and title page of article

Dr. Shireen Musa, assistant professor, International Trade and Marketing, has published a new peer-reviewed article exploring sustainability and fair trade fashion.

“The Role of Compassion and Sustainability Awareness on Fair Trade Fashion Consumption with Internet Engagement as a Moderator” has been published in the February issue of the Business and Professional Ethics Journal, a double-blind, peer-reviewed scholarly journal.

The article adds to existing research on sustainability and fair trade fashion by identifying and testing two constructs, one emotional and another educational, that influence consumer buying habits. Dr. Musa’s paper found that the constructs—compassion for oneself, others, and the environment, and desire for sustainability awareness—were correlated with each other and had a positive relationship on a person’s consumption of fair trade fashion. Her research also introduces the idea that a consumer’s internet engagement could be a moderating influence on the two constructs.

Dr. Musa also published an article on sustainable shoppers last year in the Journal of Fair Trade. Read more about that research here.

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