Shireen Musa’s Sustainability Research Receives Industry Recognition

Shireen Musa, assistant professor, International Trade and Marketing, recently joined the editorial board of the Journal of Fair Trade on the heels of publishing three peer-reviewed papers in her specialty field of sustainability research.

Shireen Musa and cover of Journal of Fair Trade

In “The Ultimate Recycling? Positing the Effect of Past Life Belief on Fair Trade Consumption—A Preliminary Study,” Musa examined several traits of fair trade customers and found evidence that people who were more likely to believe in past lives were also more likely to purchase fair trade products, and examined several aspects of identity formation and social relationships that may account for this phenomenon. The paper was published in August in the Journal of Scientific Exploration.

In “The role of emotional imagery exposure on fair trade consumption and on compassion,” published in August in the Journal of Fair Trade, Musa laid out a hypothesis about the role of emotional imagery for buyers of fair trade products and suggested several controlled experiments to test the importance of emotion-generating imagery,

In “The Importance of Creating a ‘Mindful Intelligent Leadership’ Course and Integrating Mindfulness into the Sustainability Business Curriculum: A Literature Review,” published in June in the Transnational Journal of Business, Musa zeroed in on the trait of mindfulness. The research identifies the trait of mindful intelligence and suggests ways it could be taught to business students in a way that incorporates other types of intelligence.

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