Yuniya Kawamura Contributes to Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion

Global Perspectives Volume of Berg EncyclopediaYuniya (Yuni) Kawamura, professor, Social Sciences, was commissioned to contribute an online exclusive article on “Rompers” for the Berg Encyclopedia of World Dress and Fashion, a 10-volume reference series, which is edited by Joanne B. Eicher, regents professor emerita of design, housing, and apparel at the University of Minnesota.

Kawamura traces the social history of rompers which have a variety of names, such as onesies, jumpsuits, flight suits, and boiler suits, among many others. It is a one-piece garment which connects a top and a pair of pants with or without a seam at the waist, and it covers the entire body. Former British prime minister and leader of the Conservative Party Winston Churchill often wore a jumpsuit that was referred to as a siren suit.

Recently Kawamura was also invited to give a virtual lecture on “Sociology and Fashion” to the sociology undergraduate students at Guilan University in Iran.

For more information, contact Kawamura.

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