Naomi Gross Named an Open SUNY Online Teaching Ambassador

Professor Naomi Gross.

Naomi Gross, Fashion Business Management, has been named a 2017 Open SUNY Online Teaching Ambassador by the Center for Online Teaching Excellence. In order to be considered for this honor, nominees must be considered “exemplary online SUNY educators, who are enthusiastic and effective in online teaching, and who can be positive and strong advocates for online teaching in our SUNY community.”

Open SUNY Online Teaching Ambassadors are awarded a certificate of recognition and a digital badge, their profiles are featured on the Center for Online Teaching Excellence’s website COTEhub, and they are afforded opportunities to be online teaching advocates and to share their thoughts with the community in various ways throughout the year. On Gross’s profile page, she describes how online teaching has been important in her work and for her students.

For more information, contact Tamara Cupples, 212 217.4070.


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